So the stockings for Max and Ruby are done, signed, sealed, and delivered though I had my doubts when I took them to the post office last week. The long line out the door did not inspire confidence, nor did the automated machine that spit out the address with the wrong town on it. I figured someone would end up with two adorable stockings somewhere in Rhode Island, so that was close enough.


I so associate Max and Ruby with Rosemary Wells’ characters that I will be very surprised when I do finally meet them to find out they are not cute little bunnies, if in fact, that is the case.

How typical that as I was sewing up the last stocking of the season I noticed that I had used two different color greens–one for Ruby and one for Max–unintentionally carrying on the tradition of different greens, whites and reds on the stockings from year to year.  And now that I talked to my husband’s aunt who will be visiting her grandchildren over the holidays, I have a little niggling feeling that I might have knit a stocking for her first grandchild and let the ball drop after that. No idea. Three more born since. Who keeps track of these things? Not I.