As I was cursorily cleaning my daughter’s not very dirty but exceptionally dingy and dated bathroom yesterday in preparation for guests, the lightbulb in my brain went off. Forget expensive renovations, replacing the tub and tile. No need. I know exactly what many bathrooms need to make them–if not exactly shine–at least not scare the next people in line.

In the holiday spirit of giving, I will now share my million dollar idea that will cost you about $1.09 to put into practice:  replace the current lightbulb with a 40 watter.  You’re done. Brilliant, sort of. Have several very nice vacations instead of enduring plumbers with sledgehammers in your house.

I realized that the invisibility cloak this gray, poorly lit bathroom wears is the reason we’ve been able to stand it as is for so many years. The lighting is so bad, everything that’s crumbled and worn and unable to ever be the color God made it originally isn’t really obvious. With low lighting  the bathroom doesn’t  look cleaner and sparkle more; we’re way past that in this 1950’s era bathroom, but everyone’s face looks better in the mirror in the lower light, and the inground dirt in the worn-down tub that no amount of scouring will remove isn’t as evident as it would be if we could actually see what’s going on down there.  There are more ways than one to see the light.