Don’t want to go all Martha Stewart on you, but a few days before Thanksgiving, it is crucial to plan one’s dinners to be anti-Thanksgiving kinds of meals. No poultry allowed until Thursday. No potatoes or bread either. I’m feeling bloated just thinking about all that bland food.

I like stuffing and mashed potatoes and rolls just fine, but to truly appreciate the Turkey Day meal I must do a pre-Thanksgiving detox and eat the antithesis of  Thanksgiving food before the big day. Not eating at all might be one way to go, but Mexican worked last night. Perhaps something Italian tonight. That still leaves Tuesday and Wednesday nights. This rain is making me pine for soup, so perhaps I will ignore my no chicken before Thanksgiving rule (which reminds me to plug The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel Pinkwater as a great read-aloud this time of year for people with funny bones and properly aged children) and make some Chicken Tortilla Soup. The Mexican influence makes the chicken unlike chicken in, say, Chicken Pot Pie, which I would never make within 2 weeks of Thanksgiving. Too much like Thanksgiving in a cream sauce with a crust. No need.  Julia Child entombed a duck in a crust, so it could happen to a turkey, too if we’re not careful.

Actually, that would be funny, and gross, of course, to come up with a one dish Thanksgiving.  Stuff the turkey with buttered rolls, slather it with cranberry sauce, throw a crust around it and jam-pack the roasting pan with  potatoes, squash, green beans and sweet potatoes. Not sure where the pumpkin pie fits in. Well, now that we’ve all lost our appetites…it’s time for me to hit the grocery store and buy lots of roughage.