There are many red things in this world that I like: Japanese maples when the sun lights up their leaves, red berries on a dogwood or holly, red bee balm on the 4th of July.  Good thing that last one proves I’m a patriot because I will  now put my patriotism in question for 28% of the U.S. population when I mention a red thing I don’t care for at all: Sarah Palin.

How annoying that Palin has co-opted the color red for plenty of photo ops these days, including on the cover of her book. She’s just about ruined the color for me. It’s still only 2009 and I’m so tired of her and her ilk going rouge, going rogue–call it what you like. Oy.  I noticed the first lady-to-be of Virginia, Maureen McDonnell, also chose a red blouse for Election Night (as did at least one of her daughters–not a good idea to match Mom, ever). So many Republicans are going rouge. How rogue is that, exactly? And red is one color that I look good in–instant hale and hearty–no rouge needed. Damn.  

How funny that they’ve taken a color that was so connected to communism(Red China, anyone?) and appropriated it for their own uniform.  Using Palin’s brand of logic, she must be a Communist sympathizer.  And Alaska is awfully close to some of those Red countries…. If only she would stop going rouge, and just go away.