A couple of my friends are brave (nutty also comes to mind) enough to attempt National Novel Writing Month in November this year. www.nanowrimo.org   November is the perfect month for something so masochistic.  I wish them well, I really do. I’m not that ambitious.  If I can’t write Pride and Prejudice, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, or The Poisonwood Bible, I’m just not interested.   I’m quite glad other people feel differently, but  anyway, I have a more important task this November. I am going to finish reading my brother-in-law’s novel that he sent me more than a year ago to check out and comment on.  It is a terrible thing that I have not read it all this time.  Every time I have seen him since I got the manuscript in my email box I have made lame but true excuses about not wanting to read 238 pages at my computer, or running out of ink or paper or losing pages or other dumb things.

But since his birthday is tomorrow, I decided that would be the impetus I needed to focus and finish. So I will be finishing a handmade novel in November, too. Just one I didn’t write.  Only forty pages to go and I am quite interested in how he’s going to pull off the ending. How people handle complexities of plot and character is beyond me. Why I have so many twisted brothers-in-law is, too. Ha, just kidding! I have enough trouble fooling around with a 900 word picture book text with two characters and three potatoes. Perhaps that’s what my November will focus on once tomorrow arrives. Fascinating, no?